I feel rich with 24k: A review of 24k eye patch


Each container comes with 30 pairs of eye patches

Blue Mercury was generous enough to invite me to their new store in San Francisco and try out some of their eye products.  The store is set up beautifully.  Open space with lots of light and clean lines.  Blue Mercury carries all kinds of beauty products, including those for hair, face, and most importantly for me, EYES!   Marina, one of the lovely esthetician on staff, thought it would be nice to try Peter Thomas Roth 24k gold eye patches.  Each package comes with 30 pairs of eye patches and a spatula to help remove them from the container.  The purpose of the patches is to lift, firm, and moisturize the under eye area using their key ingredients of 24k gold eye patch is hyaluronic acid, caffeine, and collagen.  Marina went on to tell me that the patches should be used any time you need an instant booster for your eyes…. Hmmm …I can think of a dozen morning afters of late night concerts, drinking, and Vegas fun where these could have been handy.

A preview of how the pads are stored and removed from the container.


Marina is placing the 24k patches under my eyes.

Marina removed the patches from the container with the spatula and placed them under my eye. Tip: She suggested moving it around and placing it where you see more wrinkles.  Once she placed them on, the patches felt very cool and fresh.  I must admit, it felt so good to have these cool, fleshy patches sitting under my eyes.


The patches are flesh like and mold nicely to the face.

Peeling the patches off after 15 min. They are very east to take off.

After about 15 minutes, I took the patches off and patted the excess residue with my fingers into my under eyes.  Did I see a physical difference after?


Bare faced. Not much of a difference physically, but the patch sure felt good.



Truthfully, not a significant one. However, I think that it would be a great resource to have when you are feeling tired and need a pick me up to re-energize your mood.  Additionally, the residual residue makes a great base for under makeup, allowing the makeup to spread on smooth and even under the eyes. Tip: store the container in the fridge for an extra soothing effect. This product is definitely a splurge for me.  If you have the extra funds, go for it!

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