“Ahhhh” My eyes feel oh so good

Being that it is Contact Lens Awareness week I wanted to share my new favorite lens to fit and why.

If you are a CL ( contact lens) wearer, do you experience ” dry and gritty” eyes? or red and glazed over eyes, especially towards the end of your work day?  If the answer is YES! you are not alone!  The largest complaint of Cl wears is just that.  We are living in an electronic world, where most people are on computers, phones, and tablets for more than 4-5 hours a day. The more we stare at a screen, the less we blink.  The less we blink, the less we are refreshing our natural tears, thus creating dryness and redness.  Another factor that creates dryness and redness is the amount of Oxygen our eyes are getting.  Not all contact lenses are created equal as far as how much Oxygen they let into the eyes.  The more Oxygen the lens allows into the eye, the less drying it well be.

The new Acuvue Oasys daily lens is by far the best lens I have fit in a long time and here is why:acuvue

  1.  The fit:  The contact lens has a new design that is much more comfortable per patients.  From the moment they put the lens on, they tell me they can feel the difference.  Most patients report that they don’t realize they are wearing a lens.
  2. It’s a daily lens:  A daily lens is like wearing fresh laundered clothing every single day.  Daily contact lenses eliminate the need for solution, which has preservatives.  It also eliminates the need for a contact lens case that can grow hundreds of bacteria overtime.  Therefore, patients experience less eye infections and have healthier eyes.
  3. Oxygen availability:  This lens has a high Oxygen content.  It allows the eyes to breath and stay moist during wear. I think it is great for those people who are very active or sit in front of electronics all day.

All in all, if you are not happy with your current contact lenses or feel like you want to try something new, make an appointment with your Optometrist and give these new lenses a try.  I do want to mention that the only downfall to this lens, in my opinion, is the cost.  However, I let the patient try them for a few days and they can be the judge if the cost is worth their added comfort.

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