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4 inexpensive ways to battle those pesky puffy under eyes

It’s 7 am and you wake up, grab your cup of tea, and head to the bathroom to start getting ready for your work day… And OMGEEEEE! Look at those puffy under eyes! Where did they come from? Puffy eyes are usually a result of fluid build up under the eyes and hence if you cry or drink alcohol excessively your eyes will be sure to let the world know how your evening went. Whatever the case may be here are 4 hacks to help soothe those under eyes that won’t break the bank.

1. Frozen Spoon

A cold spoon from the freezer.

I always keep a metal spoon or two in the freezer for such emergency mornings.  The cool metal against the skin will help bring down the inflammation and redness associated with fluid accumulation.  Place the back of the spoon under your eyes for about 10 minutes or until the spoon starts to warm up and remove.  Pretty easy, right!? and costs no money at all.

2.  Tea bag

Tea bag. Photo from

After you are done drinking your morning tea, saved that warm tea bag because it does wonders for under the eyes.  The caffeine from the tea bags will decrease the size of the blood vessels underneath the eye as well as bring down the amount of puff, because nobody wants to walk around with pillows under their eyes.  To do this easy hack, simply place your wet, used tea bag under your eyes for 15 min and viola!  Brighter more youthful eye appearance.

3.  Finger Tap

Use your index finger to tap under your eyes. Photo from Instagram

The next inexpensive remedy for under eye puff can be done anywhere because it is by using your own fingers.  In order to stimulate the blood vessels under your skin, gently tap the area under your eyes. Use your index finger and tap underneath your eye, moving in a direction from one side of your eye to the other side. Try not to get carried away and tap too hard, as this can damage time capillaries close to the surface of your skin, which can cause more redness.

4.  Eye masks

Sephora under eye mask. Photo from

Eye masks seems to be all the rage these days.  Not only are they portable, making them great for travel, but also have vitamins and minerals to help calm down the raised area under your eyes.  I keep a bundle at my home at all times.  You can purchase them for very inexpensive from Sephora or Amazon.  I usually keep mine in the fridge as well, just so I can get the benefit from the cold too (a double whammy.)  I also make sure to get masks that are all natural as harmful ingredients can cause further irritation.  In order to use the eye masks, open the package, remove the eye masks, and place under the eyes for about 15 minutes and remove.  Use the excess gel to pat into the eyes for some extra moisture. You’re eyes will thank you.


If after about a week or so you don’t see results, please visit your local Optometrist or Primary Care and find out the underlying reason of your under eye puffiness.  I hope these cost effective remedies help with your beauty and self- care routines, I know it has for me.





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